Making the Internet a safer place to surf

The Internet has radically changed the way we source information, the way we communicate and do business, the way we access fun and entertainment. But this same source of positive and empowering knowledge can also be a potential source of crime, fraud, inappropriate imagery and breaches of personal security.  So how do we protect ourselves, our colleagues and our children from the hidden dangers?

At Exmos, we’re absolutely committed to promoting safe use of the Internet for everyone.  Your security is our priority whether you’re a commercial user, a social media hopper, an on-line shopper, a concerned parent or an inquisitive child. So we’ll be running a series of articles on topics ranging from home internet security to safe shopping and from using the Internet abroad to using Instagram on the go to help you stay on top of your security.

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We are proud supporters of the NSPCC through Childline and






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