Our History

Exmos was founded by Gordon Coulter, MD in 1991 when a Glasgow-based, US-owned manufacturing company presented an opportunity to take over the development of their custom database package.  With PC networks just starting to make their presence felt, Gordon threw these into the mix for Exmos’s first client, bringing together a powerful combination of software development and network management skills.


In it for the long-haul

Over the years we’ve provided specialist consulting services and software development skills to established names like Vodafone, RBS, Scottish Courage, DC Thomson, Clydesdale Bank, The Scottish Office, Standard Life and Compaq Computer Corp.  Now, nearly 25 years on, our client portfolio has matured to encompass a significant number of privately owned SMEs as well as the larger enterprise companies.  And while our customers, large and small, represent a wide range of sectors and disciplines, to all of them we bring the same thing – a strategic partnership, using IT as a business tool to make a difference to performance and outcomes.  We don’t dip in and out of your business – when we say we’re in it for the long-haul we mean it.  No big surprise then that our very first customer from 1991 is still with us today and that many of our business relationships now extend over 10 and 15 years.

Thinking outside the universe

To be honest, we like to think of ourselves as professional geeks – we love technology, we love what we can do with it and we’re fortunate enough to work with forward thinking customers who share our belief that IT is more than just a pile of technology.  This gives us the opportunity to think big (we’re talking outside the universe rather than outside the box) and take on some seriously innovative problem-solving work.  We’ve pulled companies back from the brink of IT disaster and we’ve planned and installed some pretty cool systems.  We like nothing better than a big fat juicy challenge and there’s definitely an internal mentality of delivering beyond expectation – ‘we love difficult’ pretty well sums it up.

Leaving the sheep to do their thing

It’s fair to say we’ve never followed the crowd until we’ve satisfied ourselves (through robust testing) that the crowd has actually got it right.  We have made a significant investment in our own IT system – in truth, it’s way in excess of what a company our size would normally run – but that’s because we choose to experiment on ourselves rather than on our customers.  Pretty much our entire business runs on the same equipment and services that we’ll bring to yours, whatever size your business is, and if there are ever times that we can’t test it out on ourselves first, we’ll be absolutely upfront about the fact that we’re trying something new.

Pain-free IT every day

If you’re looking for a change, relish the idea of pain-free IT and want to work with a partner who sees you as a business, not just a computer network, then get in touch and let’s start talking.



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