Data on the move

Do you rely on common sense to prevail when your staff take their work out of the office?

We recently came across a social media post containing a photograph of a laptop on a train missing a rather vital component... its owner.  They'd popped out to the restaurant car or loo, leaving their company's property and data available for anyone who fancied it. They hadn't even locked the screen.  

What protocols do you have in place for your road warriors? When you hand over hundreds of pounds' worth of hardware to a member of staff it's an indication of trust, an acknowledgement of the important part they play in the business and their need to have data at their fingertips. Do you discuss what you expect of them with regards to giving them that responsibility? An interesting discussion at a social event recently concluded that no one round the table had any stronger requirements in place other than to remember not to leave it on the back seat of their cars. Given that scenario, have you thought through what you'd do if that hardware was compromised?

It's about you keeping control of your company data

In business, data security is everything and you have to protect yourself from all potential threats - including theft and carelessness.  Common sense prevails in most instances, but do your staff know what to do and who to contact if a laptop or mobile phone is stolen? Do they call the police first or your IT department? From an IT perspective what's more valuable - the hardware or access to the data it contains?

With proper systems management in place you really can stay in control. There are resources available that will help protect your business without negatively affecting your staff's productivity. Mobile devices can be managed from a single source and staff can use Single Sign On to log into company apps (so there's no need to remember a million different passwords). What's more, you can encrypt your files and data so that only the right people can access them - and deny access if circumstances demand. And threat analysis can help you identify areas you need to work on.

So rather than lying awake fearing the possibility of data theft, do something about it and lie awake thinking about how to grow your business instead.






Posted by Kirsty McIntosh on Sunday, February 21, 2016



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