Delivering on a promise

Whenever we talk to potential new clients about what we do they often seem surprised when we make it clear that hardware support isn't part of our product offering.

There are good reasons for this as recent experience demonstrates. A client's HP server suffered a hardware failure. Going about their business was affected, although thanks to their Mimecast email continuity system they were still able to communicate with their customers and each other. 

Nevertheless, hardware failure is hardware failure and the only cure was a replacement part. The server was under warranty with a next business day repair guarantee but after identifying the failed part, it became clear there was no stock in the UK. So HP brought it from France - yes, popped it in a van and brought it through the Tunnel, right up to central Scotland, arriving late at night at our client's premises where they replaced the duff part before midnight. By 6.00am the next day, we had all our client's systems back up and running as they should have been.

Now, anybody who works in this business will know that there's an art to negotiating with hardware companies to ensure they uphold their end of the bargain; there's a certain... tenacity required and Exmos engineers have that in spades. Once committed, however, there is no substitute for an international hardware company's capacity to pull out the stops when it has to.

At Exmos we know what we're good at and we choose suppliers who are good at what they do too. That way, we can ensure our customers get the service they need - guaranteed.

Posted by Kirsty McIntosh on Thursday, February 25, 2016



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