My First Month As An Apprentice

Shay Ritchie is one of our two most recent additions at Exmos HQ, joining the team as an Apprentice Office Administrator, with another member joining the team as an Apprentice Systems Engineer. Here’s Shay’s account of what it’s like joining Exmos and the exciting learning curve that comes with joining the company.

Starting a new job as an apprentice isn’t as scary as it seems. Here I am going to tell you about my first month as an apprentice with Exmos.

Coming in to join the company, I expected the job to be hard-working with a fair amount of computer work, along with a lot of the tasks you would find in most businesses. I was nervous but excited at the same time to start my new job.

My first day couldn’t have been any better. I had so many emotions at this point before the day starts I didn’t know how to feel, or what to expect. I was just so excited to join Exmos as an apprentice and I couldn’t wait to see what the company had to offer.

Walking through the door, again I started to get excited and nervous at the same time. Thankfully, Kirsty was there to calm my nerves and introduce myself and the other new apprentice, Richard, to the team at Exmos. We got stuck in immediately, going over the company handbook and what was expected of us as Exmos employees. Already, this was a lot of information to take in, but a month on, I’m beginning to get a hang of everything.

After lunch (Exmos bonus: there is a McDonalds right across the road!), Kirsty guided me through the tasks I would be responsible for on a day to day basis. From Monthly Invoicing, to checking & distributing the post to the right people; there was a process for everything. A lot of this seemed difficult at first, but the processes really help keep me on track and guide me the right way, despite the information overload I was facing.

All in all, my first week was great! Exmos is such a fun place to work, and the people here are really what makes it great. It’s such a good atmosphere when you come in the morning and everyone is so friendly, and if you need help, everyone around you is willing to do so.

My first week was just packed with information. I have already learned so much just getting to understand what my job really involves and all the processes that are required to complete everything. It can be a little overwhelming, but I’ve been introduced to things I never knew about, such as Business Management and CRM systems. Kirsty has been such a great help to me, going over everything in detail, explaining the steps and sitting by my side helping me tackle any challenges.

A month in and it still feels like each day is another learning day- but with slightly less help. I’m starting to do things by myself now, with occasional help when I come across something new. I’ve made several flowcharts for my processes that I need to do to complete my daily tasks which I think have been such a great help to me, as I can just sit at my desk, follow my flowchart and do the work myself which I feel proud of.

Having no experience in an office environment before coming into one, as an apprentice I can just say is the best decision of my life so far. I’ve learned so much already and it’s only just starting. With the help and support I have from the people at work to the people helping me do my apprenticeship, I can just tell I am really am going to enjoy the moment I finish this apprenticeship because it will have given me so much experience along the way.

Overall, this has been a great start for me and I can’t wait to progress through the company and I can’t wait to write my next blog!

Posted by Shay Ritchie on Thursday, March 22, 2018



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