Pain-Free service from Vodafone? Not likely!

We're currently trying to resolve an issue with our company's mobile phone provider, Vodafone, and frankly we're getting nowhere. Whilst trying to resolve the problem it's fair to say that every single person we speak to about the problem (and there are a lot of them) is unfailingly polite, does everything they can to assist and, frankly, keep their tempers when ours have completely left the building. The issue, nevertheless, remains unresolved at the time of posting this blog.

But this isn't a customer service failure. This is a process failure and the management at Vodafone should be mortified. They have procedures in place for their staff to follow that ultimately are failing their customers. What we're trying to do with our mobile phones is simple, yet their processes prevent Vodafone's customer services teams from actually solving our problem.

From a staff morale point of view, that's a disgrace. Imagine going to work every day knowing you're set up to fail? Why bother trying to help the customer when you know you can't?

From our point of view, it demonstrates a breathtaking lack of respect for Vodafone's customers and it's costing us money and time - we're paying for a service we're not receiving and the company's management culture would seem to suggest they couldn't care less.

At Exmos we promote ourselves as providing Pain-Free IT to our customers and we can say that because we do. We live it, breathe it and test it every day. Maybe it's time Vodafone took a leaf out of our book and did the same?

Posted by Kirsty McIntosh on Wednesday, November 18, 2015



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