Powerful Datto Monitoring with SentiLAN™

Business Continuity is vital for manufacturers. If you’ve got a large site with several hundred people in the production line, any shut down of operations will result in substantial losses of time, money and, most importantly, reputation. Wasted production time because of a combination of lost, damaged or stolen data and a lethargic backup doesn’t need to happen. And it doesn’t have to.

We’ve spoken before about our Disaster Recovery and Backup Managed Service powered by Datto- if you’re new to the blog, you can learn all about it here. In short, Datto is an extremely powerful tool for businesses with operational networks that can’t afford to be offline for extended periods of time. Frequent “snapshot” backups combined with the ability to run critical processes in the Cloud means the threat of shutting down because of network errors or attacks is close to eliminated.

But the question for Exmos was always, “How can we make this even more powerful?”

Enter our very own Remote Monitoring Management tool, SentiLAN™.

We use SentiLAN for monitoring all our customers’ networks and production facilities. It’s employed on thousands of processing data points worldwide, covering over 100 sites across 15 countries. SentiLAN is an extremely effective tool, monitoring 24/7 and alerting us and our clients using real-time data if performance starts to slip, allowing our customers to perform preventative maintenance rather than waiting until something breaks and shuts down production.

We set ourselves the ambitious task of finding a way to integrate Datto into our SentiLAN checks using the Datto API, and we’re proud to say our talented team of developers stood up to the task. SentiLAN is now capable of autonomously monitoring Datto checks and backups all day and night, cutting out the need for manual checks to make sure the backup has been successful. So, if a backup fails for whatever reason, SentiLAN flags this within 5 minutes and our expert engineers can get to work, providing an instant response in calculating why the backup failed, and ensuring all our clients running Datto are protected and backed up at all times.

Our backups are no longer an overnight or daily routine. SentiLAN monitors Datto backups on servers as much as 2000 times per week, letting our service desk know when any single backup has issues.

On top of this, Datto tests the restore and DR functionalities, and SentiLAN ensures our engineers can react instantly to any possible issues. So not only are your backups tested every day, our engineers can detect and react to any possible DR test issues. This setup is just another way we’ve worked to automate essential daily tasks, so our engineers can focus on critical issues, rather than repetitive daily tasks.

Connecting Datto to SentiLAN was no mean feat, and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve managed to achieve with this ambitious project, but this is just one example of what our team can achieve with SentiLAN. The power of SentiLAN not only lies in its ability to collect, monitor and analyse your data in real-time but also in its extreme flexibility to mould around your operation, monitoring precisely what’s important for you.

Both Datto and SentiLAN can be truly transformational tools for your operations. Together, they become even more powerful, helping you maximise your uptime and reduce bottlenecks in production. Get in touch today to learn more about the Exmos approach, and how you can put SentiLAN and Datto to work for you. 

Posted by Jordan Maciver on Wednesday, March 22, 2017



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