Talk Talk attack - Scam-busting tips to remember

Talk Talk doesn’t yet know exactly what’s been stolen in Wednesday’s attack on their website, but here’s a reminder of what to do today if you’re a Talk Talk customer.

Change your password – now.  Don’t wait till later.

Keep an eye on Talk Talk’s website for updated information. 

Remember these FACTS:

  • Reputable businesses WILL NOT email and ask you for your full password
  • Reputable businesses WILL NOT ask you for your bank details in full as a means of verifying your account
  • Reputable businesses WILL NOT phone out of the blue and ask you to download software.

A caller may very well sound extremely believable – that’s because if they are part of those responsible for the breach, they’ve already stolen your details so they’ve got information about you to help them sound plausible!  Imagine your personal details are the equivalent of your wallet or purse – would you hand it over to a stranger, no matter how nice they were about it?

Posted by Kirsty McIntosh on Friday, October 23, 2015



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