TEDx Glasgow: Ideas worth spreading

I had the pleasure of attending TEDx Glasgow this year and much of what I saw and heard is still reverberating around my head. And my soul. Hearing so many stories of tenacity, courage, downright bloody-mindedness and jaw-dropping inspiration all crammed into one day couldn’t fail to make its mark on those of us fortunate enough to attend.

Back at the office, it was quite hard to share my sense of wonder with everyone else at Exmos without sounding like a six year old after a trip to the funfair (“… and then we watched this film where this man talked about a starshade in space, and then this woman came on and talked about giving people a chance to get away from the hopelessness of homelessness and then...”). And certainly for a couple of days after TEDx it seemed to me that these amazing people were doing incredible things that were quite beyond my capabilities. But now, on reflection, I really believe the opposite is true.

Yes, their achievements are staggering, but the underlying trend through all of the talks was that each and every speaker believed in what they were doing. They broke big problems or goals down into daily objectives to be dealt with one at a time and they refused to take no for answer. And I can do that. We can all do that.

For all of the excitement, enthusiasm and ideas that I came away with, I also remember a quieter message delivered by Norman Drummond. Somewhere in our headlong charge to do better, be better, change more, get ‘there’, we must also find the time to just be ‘here’, listening in silence to nothing more than the sound of our own heartbeat. It is only in those moments that we can appreciate how far we’ve come and see exactly where we’re going.

So, thank you TEDx Glasgow. I can’t wait to see you again next year. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the talks all over again on your website! www.tedxglasgow.com/tedxtalks

Posted by Kirsty McIntosh on Monday, August 24, 2015



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