Where are YOUR eggs?

One of our team received an interesting offer this week along with their insurance renewal.

One of the credit checking agencies is offering to take all your personal data and then scan the internet to see if it appears on any of the sites where stolen identity information tends to surface. They also do various other security related scans. It's monitoring for identity fraud, which on the face of it, sounds pretty good. Even more so, it's a complimentary bundle with the insurance.

So did they take up the offer?  No!

While the thought of having the reassurance that your personal data isn't being used where it shouldn't be, the first thing that occurred to us was if that agency gets hacked, someone gets ALL your personal identity information in one swoop - credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, online banking details, online shopping accounts, user names, passwords, home addresses, phone numbers etc.

Now, they claim their security is really good, but in all honesty, if it was 100% safe, they'd be making untold billions selling that technology to everyone with an online presence.

So thanks, but no thanks!

Posted by Gordon Coulter on Wednesday, November 18, 2015



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