Winning all the way

Last week saw Exmos take on the local Chamber of Commerce karting challenge, fielding two teams and pitting our wits against some pretty stiff competition.

t's a mini Le Mans style race - teams of five rotate their drivers for two hours non-stop. It was an evening of fun, speed and tactics and we're delighted that one of our teams took 1st place on the night.

The things is, we feel like we're winners in more ways than one. The event was the first opportunity we've had to show off our new Pain-free ITeam shirts and it's amazing how turning up in team colours can really send a positive message - not just to the competition but to each other too. Everyone gave up their evening and turned up with just the right balance of determination and light-heartedness. It was great to see big smiles and much laughter as drivers came into the viewing room between their circuits to devour pizza and juice. We spent the evening cheering each other on, offering advice and encouragement and generally just having a good laugh. And despite a late night, we were all still smiling and joking next morning too.

Putting a strong team together is a bit of a fine art. You can recruit on the grounds of ability, potential and experience, but to be able to get a team together that actually likes each other is a real bonus and it's testament to each and every one of our people that the Exmos team is so strong. Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, is quoted as saying that if you can't feed your team with two pizzas your team is too big and that's something we recognise - a small strong team can achieve whatever it wants to. We work hard together and play hard together too and now we've got the medals to prove it!

Posted by Kirsty McIntosh on Saturday, February 27, 2016



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