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Paths for All is a Scottish Charity, founded in 1996, which promotes everyday walking as the route to a happier, healthier Scotland where increased physical activity will improve quality of life and wellbeing for all. The organisation employs around 30 staff across two sites in Alloa and Inverness and we’ve been their outsourced IT support partner for more than 15 years.


PFA has a very wide reach and regularly communicates with thousands of clients and volunteers by email, sending monthly newsletters and on-demand marketing campaigns from their local email server. However these communications were saturating all the bandwidth on their single internet connection, making web and other email usage chronically slow and actually preventing staff in their Inverness office from accessing data and services at the head office in Alloa.

To get PFA back on their feet, we installed new firewalls in both the Alloa and Inverness offices as well as additional internet connections (two at each location). These new multiple internet lines both run at full speed, in and out of each office, ensuring more bandwidth is available at all times. We deployed Quality of Service (QoS) to control the speed of the mass-mailing exercises, allowing them to flow out evenly over the bandwidth, leaving other users and services unaffected. Additionally, the new firewalls allow for a fault-tolerant meshed vpn (virtual private network) to run between the two offices, removing their reliance on a single internet line for availability and bandwidth. The result? Paths for All can now send bulk emails with no performance issues affecting remote office access, web or email usage.

Technologies Used

Stonesoft Firewall



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