Just the ticket

At Exmos, the relationships we have with our customers are the bedrock of our business and we continually look for ways to improve and streamline our network CRM systems for our clients’ benefit as well as our own.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support our customer management and helpdesk, we found our ticketing system was falling short of our own exacting requirements and high standards.  Even through the web-based interface in Dynamics CRM was state-of-the-art, it simply wasn’t fast enough, or customisable enough, to provide the data views and management information that our support engineers required.  In addition, we were keen to install a digital wallboard with key performance metrics pulled from both Dynamics CRM and our other systems.  These needed to update quickly without sitting and polling the database unnecessarily.  And, just to top it all off, our email router wasn’t flexible enough for our needs.

Time to operate on ourselves! We custom-built an email router to take email feeds from the helpdesk mailbox stored in Microsoft Exchange and create new tickets or match emails to existing tickets for updating – it even has the capacity to recognise third-party ticketing codes in the email subject when our own code has been dropped.  The router sends network updates directly to our wallboard, avoiding database polling and triggering real-time changes to provide at-a-glance information, analysis and grouping, clearly highlighting support requests in need of response.

At Exmos, we’re certainly feeling the benefits.  Faster processing of tickets means faster response to, and closure of, support requests while easier monitoring helps us respond on time, every time.  And the entire office benefits from the ‘state-of-the-nation’ metrics on the wallboard, running on a large flat-screen TV.

Technologies Used

c# | SQL Server | Windows System Services | Raspberry Pi | Hyper-V | Microsoft Dynamics CRM API



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