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CPM Wolverine Proctor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of processing equipment for the food, chemical, tobacco, textile and web producing industries.  Headquartered in North Carolina, and with offices in Philadelphia and Glasgow, we've been providing them with strategic advice, outsourced IT support and custom software development since the day and hour we opened our doors, back in 1991.

Back in 2009, the organisation’s corporate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system from Macola wasn’t ideally suited to the requirements of a custom machinery manufacturer.  Data entry for new parts required four separate input screens and in the first 12 months alone, the UK division added over 18,000 parts.  A limited search functionality coupled with too little space for accurate descriptions, led to problems with duplicate records of new parts.  And although plans were in place to replace the system, this was a massive group-wide project ear-marked for several years in the future.  The company needed an interim solution.  Fast.

Tapping into web technology, we were able to put forward several innovative solutions including reducing input to one screen, cloning and changing parts, and the automatic assignation of part numbers.  We provided a Google-style search capability (using a completely bespoke indexing engine) across the standard Macola description fields plus unlimited text fields and an easy copy/paste function from Microsoft Office.  And we introduced a rapid search facility to track down purchase orders by job and then display them on screen along with delivery information.

It’s fair to say that the benefits for CPM Wolverine Proctor have been huge.  A huge reduction in time spent keying in parts; a huge reduction in duplicate parts due to better search facilities; and a huge reduction in the time spent searching for parts. Altogether, a huge success!

Technologies Used | c# | SQL Server



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