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James Callander & Son Ltd is an independent family run business based in Falkirk, Central Scotland and founded in 1946.  Over the years, the company has evolved from traditional box making to supply local foundries, to its present position as a primary producer of UK softwood, providing logs sourced exclusively from well-managed and sustainable forests in Scotland to construction, packaging and pallets, and fencing sectors and stockists.  We've been their outsourced support and application development partner for more than ten years.

But the successful company had a problem with logging their logs.  Or, more accurately, their saw blades.  Data was being written to a digital log, enabling staff to record the number of cuts made by each saw and therefore gauge the likely replacement date of the blade based on life expectancy patterns.  But the analysis of the data was so time consuming that problems weren't picked up on time.  As a result, expensive blades were being replaced too early or blades were failing and causing downtime; downtime that the system had no means of recording.

In response, we created a log reader programme in rich graphic format that would function pretty much in real time, allowing us to analyse and display data straight away to the user in the sawmill.  In addition, we introduced a facility for the system to capture and provide a reason for downtime and also to digitally capture when saw blades were changed, creating a more accurate replacement prediction.

Technologies Used

asp.net | c# | SQL Server



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