Disaster Recovery & Backup Service

How long can your business afford to be offline?

It's not a matter of if it's going to happen to your business, but when. 
Cyberattacks cost UK businesses over £34 billion annually (CEBR) and two-thirds of large UK businesses experienced a cyber-breach or attack in the last year (gov.uk). With our Managed Business Continuity Service, you can rest assured that even when system failure happens, you can be back up and running within a matter of minutes, not hours. 

What would represent a disaster for your organisation?

When most people think of disaster, immediately pictures of fires and floods come to mind, however, the truth is that these are few and far between. In the 25 years Exmos has been providing Pain-Free IT, we have never had to restore a company's systems because of a physical disaster. Sure, we can handle that, but the true modern threat to your organisation's systems is a digital one, be that human error, system failure or unscrupulous cyber criminals. 

Imagine the impact on your business is if you couldn't operate for an hour. Then imagine the impact after a day. After a week, you might as well abandon your office. 

We have the cure

When it comes to IT security, preventative measures are so important to keep the possibility of disaster as small as possible. Sadly, it's not enough to keep your business fully protected. Cyber criminals are finding new ways every minute to hack into even the most complex systems and put you offline. 

Our Managed Business Continuity Service is the cure when something does get through with the potential to take your systems down. Using an image based backup solution powered by Datto both locally and in the Cloud, we can have you back up and running within a matter of minutes, not hours. 

Risk & Recovery Time Objectives

So what's the risk of just following what's been done in many organisations and simply backing up your data locally once a day? It's worked so far, right? What could go wrong? 

In short, everything. In the past, we weren't storing nearly as much data as we do now, and it's likely the data being stored wasn't as valuable to you as it is today. 

And it's not just operational problems. Think of the irrevocable reputational damage if you were unable to meet your customer's needs for even a few hours, but also think of what's been lost in the time since your last daily backup? Communications, orders, payments, materials ordering are all at risk. 

We can provide you with a tailored plan so you can meet your Recovery Time Objective and get back in business without major disruption to your operations. 

Frequent backups

Unlike traditional systems that backup one file at a time, our image-based system, powered by Datto, takes frequent 'snapshots' of all your data as frequently as every 5 minutes, so there is always a recent version of any file you may need. Been working away on a super complicated spreadsheet all day, only to realise you made a mistake hours before and you need to go back to an earlier version? Not a problem. We can take you back, version by version, until you find the change you're looking for, offering you not just complete piece of mind but saving time too.

Likewise, if a file has been infected or corrupted, we can take you back incrementally to the latest working version, so no one in your organisation will be wasting time re-doing the same work because of file damage ever again. 

Our Managed Business Continuity Service

  • Establish a Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Complete setup and configuration, all initial backups and seeds and any ongoing configuration changes.
  • Daily monitoring and troubleshooting of all backups and daily Disaster Recovery VM testing.
  • Monthly backup reporting.
  • All device updates.
  • Backup file restores as required.
  • In the event of a Disaster Recovery scenario, we'll provide assistance with recovery back to premise/hardware as required. 



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