Email Record Keeping

Here’s a sobering thought. 43% of organisations believe they would be unable to defend a legal challenge because they don’t retain email.  Today, the vast majority of business correspondence is held within emails and while, in the days of paper-based offices, people religiously duplicated and filed letters, faxes and documents, the advent of email sent that packing.  Yet we all still have a legal obligation to retain data stored in emails such as pension rule changes for example.

We know it can be both challenging and time consuming to enforce a robust policy on retention and filing, but if we did it for paper, we can do it for email. Leaving it up to individuals to decide what’s business critical and to develop their own systems of filing and disposing of email can lead to major problems. Cracking the code of each individual employee’s unique filing system (or total lack of… ) can turn tracking down documents into a massively time-consuming – not to mention frustrating – task.

This is where Email Record Keeping comes into its own. Legal, audited discovery controls let you store tamper-proof data that can be quickly searched and recovered – essential when you need to track evidence during a contract dispute for example. It can be Outlook integrated and also allows for mobile searching of emails, keeping your email storage lean, decreasing back up time and avoiding inconsistent filing.



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