Reliable Internet Lines

Gone are the days when the Internet was just a novelty. Now it’s a business critical service with any unplanned outage having a serious impact on your ability to operate. We know that you can’t afford to depend upon a single point of failure, so reliable Internet lines are a must.

At Exmos we adopt a ‘blended’ approach. This means multiple lines, sourced from different providers, all operating simultaneously. It means you need never worry about losing connections to your clients – and you won’t be paying for standby lines and getting nothing in return either.

We use Tier 1 business grade telephone companies, a mix of technologies (such as 3G, leased lines and ADSL) as well as our high calibre, enterprise grade (but SME priced) firewalls, with the option to cluster together for the ultimate in continuity. This also lets us provide VOIP phone systems than can operate using your existing internet links. Sensible, reliable, pain-free.

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