3CX Phone Systems

Is your phone system working for or against you?

Recognise any of these problems?

  • Complaints from customers that they can't get in touch with anyone.
  • High call rates, line charges and an obsolete telephone system.
  • A busy Reception struggling to handle the volume of calls and identify who is and is not available.
  • Inconsistent use of voicemail options.
  • Extensions that just ring and ring.
  • No centralised phone book and no idea who's calling till you pick up the call and say ‘hello’?
  • The need to know both direct dials and mobile phone numbers for lots of your staff.

3CX and Exmos have a solution to each and every one of these. It's VoIP telephony. 

VoIP means that the ‘brains’ behind your phone system is a software application rather than a ‘box on the wall’ so it’s constantly evolving and improving, it's easier to upgrade, easier to configure your system via a web interface and easier to make changes if your requirements change. What’s more, you can make significant savings using VoIP and guarantee communications continuity by using multiple line providers.

3CX isn't just a phone system

It's a productivity improvement tool that will really make a difference.

  • Never miss a call with advanced call queue options and direct call routing.
  • Streamlined voicemail provision, digital assistant options and ring groups.
  • Affordably scalable - easily add and remove extensions.
  • Offer better customer service with CRM integration, allowing inbound callers to be recognised before their call is even answered.
  • Voice application options allow you to automate repetitive processes to save your staff and your customers valuable time. 


Take your extension anywhere

3CX includes apps for smartphones and both Mac and Windows laptops, allowing your staff to use their office phone extension no matter where they are. Perfect for multi-site organisations, home-workers and temporary operations. 

What's more, 3CX means you can use either traditional desktop handsets or PC/laptop connected headsets that answer and make calls at the click of your mouse.

Calls between offices or extensions are free (no matter where in the world they are). Everyone has access to the internal address book and all your customers need to know is that they can get in touch with their contact at your company with one number.


Make your presence felt - or not


  • See who is and isn't available.
  • Multiple options to let people know if you are available for calls.
  • Use Listen, Whisper and Barge options to improve customer service through training and management.
  • See who's talking to who and for how long.
  • Monitor call queues and response times.

Web-conferencing and CRM integration 

Hassle free and easy to schedule web conferencing is built into 3CX enabling face to face meetings without the need to travel.

What's more, 3CX can integrate with your CRM system, so when your customers call you can engage with them immediately because everything you need to know about them appears on screen when their call is received.



Our 3CX Managed Service

  • Certified engineers
  • Configuration, setup and user training
  • Monthly reporting
  • Console management and system maintenance
  • Customisation to make 3CX work for you.

Contact us below if you'd like more information, download the 3CX Phone System for Windows brochure here (pdf), check out the facts in the datasheet, or visit the 3CX website




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