You're already producing the data.

Now it's time to use it to reduce your downtime.  

Your network is complicated, and with IIoT gaining momentum, it's not going to be getting simpler any time soon. Remote Monitoring Management with SentiLAN™ is your way of keeping an eye on your entire operation, so you're in control and on top of any challenges you may face, keeping production steady and predictable.

Every facility produces data, but not everyone has the systems in place to collect it. From process flows to operating temperatures, the inability to spot issues, plan maintenance and predict failure points could result in expensive repairs and costly downtime.

The SentiLAN Managed Service from Exmos collects, monitors and analyses data points 24/7/365, providing real-time reporting and valuable insight across your operations. SentiLAN gives you information the way you need it. Trending data, failure prediction, component degradation - the kind of information you need to maximise your uptime.

Exmos is trusted by businesses with a combined turnover of more than $8 billion, and deploys SentiLAN worldwide, collecting more than 2 million data metrics every 24 hours.

After some technical information? Click here to read our SentiLAN Managed Service product card. 

Developed by us - made for you

SentiLAN was made with Industry in mind. Designed and developed by Exmos, SentiLAN monitors thousands of processing data points every day, covering over 100 sites across 15 countries. 

We all know monitoring is important, but it's not always easy. SentiLAN is a System Agnostic technology, which means that, no matter who made your machinery, if you're producing data, we can collect and monitor it; be it power consumption, room temperature, SQL database growth, I/O collectors, backup success or machine performance. SentiLAN is the monitoring tool for all. 

SentiLAN is a highly flexible application that we can tailor so it perfectly fits around your operation, rather than forcing something that's not quite right for you. Being able to monitor and analyse the performance of all those processes could just be the key to removing that huge bottleneck in your production line you didn't even know existed. 

Your data represented

Knowing what's going right is the easy bit. It's knowing exactly what's going wrong and understanding why that gets tricky. 

SentiLAN uses a powerful mix of Machine Learning and Big Data technologies to analyse trends and understand exactly what's changing, not what's the same. We can immediately show you what's here, what's not, what's right, and most importantly, what's wrong. 

Making sure all departments know exactly what's going on as it's happening is one of the key challenges of implementing Industry 4.0 practices. Our SentiLAN Managed Service provides your organisation with real-time data allowing you to make quick decisions and focus your efforts on resolving problems, preventative maintenance & targeted problem resolution. 

Our expert Managed Service

Ultimately, SentiLAN is about increasing your uptime. When we introduce SentiLAN to your network, we don't simply install and leave you to figure it out by yourself. SentiLAN comes as a complete Managed Service, with a team of expert engineers to take charge of monitoring, responding and alerting you when problems strike 24/7/365. 

This is not just technology. By working with Exmos, you're bringing in knowledge and guidance that comes with 25 years of solid industry expertise. 

You're just getting started

This really is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what SentiLAN can do for your operations. We take a different approach to software development, truly putting you at the heart of SentiLAN's evolution. That way, you can trust that SentiLAN will give you the information you need to continually improve your production processes and keep you one step ahead of the competition. 

Industry 4.0 is here today, and IIoT is the key to putting it all together. More devices, however, require more monitoring and produce a lot more data. It's inevitable your network will grow in the coming years, and the reality is that the growth will be significant. We're here to help you keep track of your network, and to provide you with actionable insights from your data. 

We are already trusted by businesses with a combined turnover of more than $8 billion. Get in touch today to discuss how you can put SentiLAN to work for you. 




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